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Click here to make a contribution to Friends of Cheyenne Recreation Center, Inc.  This is the non-profit entity that will support an informational campaign and scholarships to individuals.

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Welcome to the site of the proposed Cheyenne Recreation Center!

It's Not Just a Rec Center - Its an Investment in Our Kids, Our Health and Our Future!

This is a grass roots organization that supports the need for Cheyenne and Laramie County to build a Rec Center. Anyone and everyone that wishes to get involved in helping us support this tremendous project can start by visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest on our efforts.

After the close loss in 2008 many people in our community now have a much higher awareness of the many benefits of a Community Recreation Center.  We have seen that positive awareness in the results of Chamber of Commerce and other surveys where we have polled #1.  But if you read the paper and listen around town, many don't share our enthusiasm and in fact there are many threads of misinformation that continue to be passed around.  In 2012 we are committed to providing complete information to everyone we can reach in Laramie County on:  

If we are to be successful in this grass roots campaign, we need your help. Our newsletters, the Website and Facebook will provide all the information anyone needs to make an informed decision. We will also have printed material available to all supporters. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

This page will be used to inform and educate those interested about all the facets of this project. Please don't hesitate to post all the possitive effects a faciity of this nature would have on you, the community, or your family.


We will use the Yard Signs as “Shaker” signs next Monday and Tuesday!

Please bring any extra Rec Center signs you have,  some extras available, so if you need one, let us know.  Please e-mail Kevin at to let us know what time slot you're available!  Remember to smile, waive and have some fun with it!  It is an exciting time and this is the last chance we will have to reach people.  We set up two hour blocks, but any time you can help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Pershing and Central                 

Pershing and Warren

Lincoln and Warren

Lincoln and Central

Converse and Pershing

Converse and Del Range


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We had a great lunch meeting on July 3rd with 90 supporters in attendance -
Keep up the grass roots effort - 
 The theme of the lunch was bring 5.  If each of us takes responsibility for a minimum of 5 people who will vote on August 21st and ask those 5 to do the same we will easily get the 800 votes we were short in 2008.  This is the simplest way to help  build support.  Direct your 5, 10 or more to our Facebook page, webpage, text to join (yesrec2012 to 22828) or send an email to Get them to take action and join our email group have them find 5 and we will take it from there.

We had our first big event at Super Day on June 23rd - see below for a couple pictures!

Super DaySuper Day


Cheyenne Recreation Center

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